Our Favorite 2024 Design Trends
New South Home team members in their resource room
Photo by Caitlin Paredes

Part of our job as designers is to keep a pulse on emerging trends and product lines. We do this by attending the biannual High Point Furniture Market as a team, and constantly reading and watching what trends are spotted around the country.

We asked our Design Team what trends they’re excited to see come to life in 2024. Here’s what they’re looking forward to: 

Melissa Lee, CEO & Principal Designer
The Curated Home

I love the trend we’re seeing of adding found and collected pieces to your home. I have a lot of items I’ve inherited from my parents and grandparents, and recent trends like mid-century modernism, minimalism, and light, bright, and airy haven’t incorporated those styles. Now that this shift is happening, I love being able to display our collection! We have an entire gallery wall of artwork that I’ve collected from different houses and times.

Holly McClure, Interior Designer
Investment Furniture & Quiet Luxury

We’re heading back to a more traditional and curated feel, and a continuation of “quiet luxury.” I’m excited to see a bigger emphasis on investment pieces with an increase in quality, craft- made furniture, and the utilization of sustainable materials. I’m also eager to see the earthy color palette emerge: think chocolate, rust, and deep greens.

Dianna Muto, Operations Manager
Moody & Natural Color Palettes

I’m excited to start seeing more and more color. There’s a shift from neutral-forward palettes toward really beautiful moody, muted natural colors. I love seeing aubergine, burgundy, ocher, and muddy green incorporated into spaces.

Ashley Sussman, Interior Designer
Colonial Chic

I can’t wait for traditional elements to make a comeback! I’ve been watching the Colonial Chic aesthetic that’s increasing in popularity, which has a lot of classic elements (like molding, large windows, and refined woodwork), serene, calming colors (think soft shades that create a peaceful vibe), and puts an emphasis back on craftsmanship and detail. It’s a timeless style that really pushes lived-in, welcoming luxury.

Mimi Walczak, Project Manager
Mixing Modern & Traditional

We’re seeing a trend shift toward mixing modern elements with more traditional items, and I think this is a great way to warm up a what can sometimes feel cold. I can’t wait to see how this impacts the color palette; I think while colors will stay somewhat neutral, we’ll start to see pops of color incorporated for warmth and interest.