Behind the Scenes: Interior Photoshoots

Have you ever looked at the gorgeous professional interior photos on our Portfolio or social media channels and wondered what goes on behind the scenes? There’s more than meets the eye! From project selection to styling to delivery of the final album, photoshoots can take weeks to prepare and execute. 

We begin by carefully selecting which projects to professionally shoot, whether it’s for our Portfolio and social channels, or publications and advertising. We strive to photograph of a variety of design styles and different types of rooms to showcase the versatility of the NSH design team. 

Photoshoots are a labor of love, and each of our partners involved work together to make the magic happen.

The photographer is the visionary for the photoshoot and we’re lucky enough to work with Laura Sumrak and Christina Hussey, two talented interior photographers from the Charlotte area.

The stylist brings the rooms to life and adds special touches that make each photo pop. Our stylist, Angelica McDermid and her team, always liven up our photoshoots with unique florals and other curated items that reflect both the client’s personality and the heart of the design.

When we arrive at a location for a photoshoot, we have an initial walkthrough with the photographer and stylist to discuss the rooms and shots we’d like to achieve during the day. We also discuss the order in which to shoot the rooms, which is largely dependent on natural light and position of the sun throughout the day.
Did you know? Interior photography is almost always done with interior lights off as it can cast an unnatural light on the room!

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