5 Updates to Refresh Your Home

Did you know that June is National Homeownership Month? The month was designated to celebrate and recognize homeownership as the achievement of the American dream. At New South Home, we’re honored to assist our clients in creating homes that are perfectly reflective of their families and how they live and entertain.

We focus on designing homes for our clients that rarely feel stagnant by utilizing timeless concepts and materials. If you’re in need of a refresh in your home, here are five things to start with to make the biggest impact – PLUS two rooms to renovate to add equity to your home.

1. A new coat of paint. Staring at the same colors every day can feel stale after a while, and this is the quickest way to simply revitalize a room. Choose a paint color that works with the overall color scheme of your home, but something that differs from your current wall color.

NSH Favorites:
-Eider White by Sherwin Williams: Our go-to neutral, this color works with any trim color
-Needlepoint Navy by Sherwin Williams: Looking for something a bit different? This dark blue is the perfect moody navy to shake things up
-Incredible White by Sherwin Williams: This white will lighten and brighten your room, but compliments your bright white trim
 2. Freshen up your pillows and blankets. Switching out pillow covers, bedding, and other textile objects around your home with the season can be a quick way to freshen your surroundings in any room.

3. Update the interior lighting. Replacing your old light fixtures will allow you to have better control of the lighting inside your home and stylish fixtures add to the overall design. Stick with fixtures that have clean lines, and don’t be afraid to mix up the metals that you use across the home.

NSH Pick: Visual Comfort’s Studio Collection offers variable silhouettes for every light fixture need

4. Look up! The vent grates in your home have likely been neglected – and might even be builder grade vents. Replacing with new vents will refresh your space in an area you seldomly looked. There are many options for vent grates – you can choose to go decorative or stick with a bright white that matches your trim.

5. Don’t forget the hardware! Things like doorknobs and cabinet handles are often overlooked when considering home refreshes, but we love to see the subtle changes it can bring. If possible, stick with one selection throughout the entire home for a cohesive look.

NSH Pick: Kwikset’s Pismo collection offers clean, timeless silhouettes in a variety of finishes to match your home’s aesthetic

When you’re considering larger home renovations, it’s not only important to make changes that help you live and entertain in ways ideal for your family, but also to make changes that will add value to your property over time. We sat down with Lauren Packman of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty to find out what renovations build the most equity.

1. Kitchens are the heart of the home.
Your home will always find the most value increase with the kitchen, and it’s important to make updates that you love. It’s equally important that you maximize usage of the space in ways that fit your lifestyle. Working with a designer can help you understand the potential of a space – what walls can come down, where you can add an extra appliance, or even where you could add a hidden pantry. Adding interesting details like scalloped edges, personalized backsplashes, and custom range hoods make the space feel curated and intentional.

2. Don’t neglect the bathrooms!
Potential home buyers expect that most surfaces in the home have been updated or improved, and bathrooms are one of the most important areas to focus on. Work with your designer to bring in clean and timeless styles and utilize time-resistant materials like porcelain that add value – and are beautiful and functional. To add custom touches, be selective in your choices of lighting and hardware.