2022 Interior Design Trends from High Point Market

Every 6 months, we are so excited to go to High Point Market and discover all the new interior design trends. From textures to patterns to colors – we love them all! Below are the top 5 trends we saw in High Point Market this fall for the 2022 year.

Curves and rounded edges

The interior design trend for 2022 is clearly the curved line. It’s everywhere, from furniture to lighting fixtures! It gives us that classic 80’s vibe with a modern twist and we’re all here for it.

warmer tones

Terracotta, greens, and mustards are the colors of 2022. Whether it’s in upholstery, accessories, or as paint colors, these warmer tones are everywhere. Below are some of our favorite ways they’ve been used!

alabaster accents

Alabaster accents in lighting and accessories were seen everywhere in market. While they do tend to run on the more expensive side, it’s a great way to add elegance and style to any space.

Textured upholstery

Boucle, moleskin, and corduroy were the top three new textured upholsteries we saw. Our favorite may be boucle – it’s a classic fabric that’s been used in fashion design for many years and it’s fun to now see it trending in furnishings!

casual organic LOOKS

We’ve seen the overall style of interiors take a turn towards casual and organic. Whether it’s organic modern or casual coastal, you’ll be seeing a lot of this in 2022. We’re talking matte finishes, pottery, and plaster everywhere!

Which trend is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments, friends!